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All know the world of fashion, its power of attraction, its constraints and its limits. We want an easy mood. Dresses that drape.

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Oeko-Tex certified factories or with a responsible approach as soon as possible.
Materials of natural origin or with a low ecological footprint.
Stocks of tissues that crossed our road.

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We offer a fashion at prices without excess, because excess is not our style and not our desire.

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Saison 19/20

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About the brand

Find our collections for Man and Woman. Uncode revisits its timelessness by combining them with the hottest hues and motifs of the season. Natural materials and exclusive prints energize your look this fall.

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Thoughtful design. Responsible production. Quality that lasts.

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    Our designs balance a modern perspective natural to the urban with an ingrained value of contemporary technique, discipline and detail attention.

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    Our designs balance a modern perspective natural to the urban with an ingrained value of contemporary technique, discipline and detail attention.

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    Our designs balance a modern perspective natural to the urban with an ingrained value of contemporary technique, discipline and detail attention.

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    Our designs balance a modern perspective natural to the urban with an ingrained value of contemporary technique, discipline and detail attention.

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    Fashion somehow is irrational and happily

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    Simplicity is elegance

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    Create your unique inspiring colorways to the latest custom releases from NikeiD.

    Uncode's update is all about new tech innovation and slick design style.

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    Passionate about apparels and tech stuff.


    We've got our first 15 prototypes and everything started.


    Our beloved actual followers, we feel great about them.

    It’s dedication to innovation through experience.

    Pushing the boundaries of design and style.

    Social and environmental consciousness everyday.

    Everything we create is designed with you in mind.

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    New collection in store

    Must have addons

    With the Uncode Home Planner you can plan and design your kitchen, bathroom or your office.

    Our home furnishing consultants can help you with advice on your refurnishing or decorating project.

    Need help putting the furniture together? Assembly service is available with any purchase.

    Purchase everything, we charge the same delivery fee regardless of the weight of the order!

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    Our collections are a direct result of collaborations with contemporary artists from around the world.

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    We take it seriously and look to nature for inspiration.
    This is our exclusive limited edition.

    We are constantly seeking new ways to use the world’s smartest natural materials. After years of research, we harnessed the incredible powers of merino wool from New Zealand to create a feel like no other.