LED Screen Rental is another area where we have made big investment in mobile and modular LED stock.

Our mobile fleet consists of a 45sqm truck and a 12sqm trailer with 2 more 18sqm trailers on the way for the 2018 season.Later in 2018 we will have 8 compact 8sqm trucks that will be aimed at the advertising industry.These will be cost effective to rent and make it affordable for small businesses to put outside their premises promoting their products.All our mobiles are the highest quality available in Ireland with P5 Resolution.


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AVL are at the very forefront of video technology.

Having installed LED video screens into venues in Ireland almost 10 years ago, we are the most experienced installation company offering LED video in Ireland. Large format displays for smoking areas, beer gardens and internal areas are becoming more and more popular, and more affordable.


We have installed more square meters of LED video in the leisure and hospitality sectors than any other supplier in Ireland. We have a wide range of LED products, in various sizes, pixel pitch and format to suit any installation or project.


We offer a proven product lineup, we also have design experience and installation and maintenance expertise that is second to none in our industry. on site installation and the best service and support for all of our LED Video screen installations.